Powder Conveying System PCS

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Powder Conveying System PCS

The PCS is the smartest way to transfer and dispense dry or wet powders and granulates.  Depending of the bulk material, the transferring can be realised using under or over pressure, dilute or dense phase.


  • Able to transfer a wide range of products (fine, non-free flowing, hygroscopic, sticky powders)
  • Transfer capacity from few kg to several ton per hour
  • Safe conveying of API/HAPI’s - up to OEB5
  • Low footprint
  • Filtration surface in function of the application
  • In-line cleaning filter system
  • No tools required to disassemble the unit for manual cleaning
  • Easy to clean - WIP/CIP/SIP
  • GMP and ATEX design

This technology is applied and approved in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and personal care industries.

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