Combining the benefits of flexible technology with vacuum conveying, the module PCS from ILC Dover/Jetsolutions reduces process time for transfers and significantly improves operators ergonomics. 

With the capability to meet a Containment Performance Target of less than 1.0 µg/m³ on a TWA or to simply contain for a dust free transfer the PCS makes processing easier and faster than conventional transfer systems.

  • Drums can be docked with the lid on to assure high containment
  • Typical time for docking a drum is less than 5 minutes reducing the time from conventional systems by half or more
  • The open work space created by the “Flexi” improves the operator ability to use the pick-up wand and see into the drum improving ergonomics
  • Fully automated PCS design conveys powders to the receiver and efficiently releases the powder from the process gas into your process


  • Low footprint
  • Able to transfer a wide range of products (fine, non-free flowing, hygroscopic, sticky powders)
  • Transfer capacity from few kg to 4 ton per hour
  • Safe conveying of API/HAPI’s - up to OEB5
  • Integrated hi efficiency in-line filter cleaning system
  • Low air purge during the product discharge
  • No tools required for disassembling the system
  • Easy to clean or CIP
  • cGMP and Eex. compliant


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