Modular Process Containment System

The combination of two product lines, DoverPac Containment Systems and JetSolutions Process Systems, bring into the market a new group of products called MPC.

For over a decade we’ve solved a wide range of customer specific processing issues employing our custom engineering and fabrication competencies.  As part of ILC Dover we’ve now created modular processing containment (MPC) modules to help our customers address a number of processing challenges without the need to integrate components from various suppliers. These new MPC modules give to the customer comprehensive solutions taking in account all major actual concerns as:

  • Eex rating (UL, ATEX, …)
  • Cgmp (possibility of classification of the inside room of an isolator,..)
  • Cleanability  (Cleaing In Place, Sterilisation In Place, Washing In Place,…)
  • Ergonomy (Simplifying the life of the operator for all difficult and dangerous activities)
  • Containment
  • Dosing
  • Conveying
  • Mixing

Please visit the following pages DTS JetVent PST JetCleaner Compressor


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