The Drum Transfer System is one of the simplest and convenient solution to handle drums containing pharmaceutical ingredients, allwoing to achieve tasks as subdivision of the product or feeding pharmaceutical equipment (mills, reactors, vessels, mixers, etc.).

This technology can achieve OEB5 containment levels with nanogram results. This is based on proven applications and tested by third party, following "SMEPAC" protocols.


  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Quick implementation — from design through installation - See more at: 
  • The drum’s lid is removed after docking the connecting liner. This avoids potential contamination of the environment due to the presence of dust on the exterior of the liner or on the drum (containment issue during the filling phase)
  • The flexi system improves the operator's ergonomics
  • The high clear film allows to have a great view of all the parts
  • Avoid cross contamination and cleaning costs of rigid hardware


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